Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1st Prego Pic

20 Weeks

I finally had the chance to post a picture and I''m already 23 weeks pregnant! How sad!

We are SO excited for our Baby Boy! I had another Dr. appointment today and everything looks great! Our little guy kept trying to kick the monitor off when the doc was listening for the heartbeat :) He is sure a little mover! I can feel him move A LOT. I love it when Tom gets the chance to feel him moving. Sierra always tries to talk to him through what Tom taught her is the 'microphone' (my bellybutton) lol. Everytime she sits on my lap or I hold her she says she is sitting on her baby brother. I'm almost 24 weeks so I just just under 4 months left! It seems like it's going to be forever until he gets here but I know it will go fast. I feel really good except my feet and legs have been hurting pretty bad since I stand most all day at work. I have been told that getting some compression socks will really help. We haven't come across any names that we absolutely love yet so if anyone has any ideas let us know! We would like to try to name him with a 'T' but are open to anything. I'll keep everyone updated as best I can; but as for now we're on the downward slope!

Monday, March 28, 2011

And then there were 4...

For those of you who haven't heard yet we are having a BABY BOY! The official due date is August 20, 2011. We are so excited! Sierra keeps telling everyone that mommy is having a baby brother. :) I'm 20 weeks, so half way so far. Sierra kept saying she wants a sister but now she's excited that she'll have a brother. We just found out the gender last week, but either way we would have been happy. Tom's twin brother and his wife are having a baby boy too in May, so it will be fun to have little boys so close together! I am feeling better now, and still working too. I LOVE being a mom so much, it is the greatest thing in the world! Sierra and our little boy will be about 3 years apart, since Sierra turns 3 in July. Good news too: Sierra is out of Diapers! She is growing up so fast and is enjoying wearing her 'panties'. It's so nice for Tom and I too! Not a whole lot else has changed with us, both just working and being parents! Enjoying Life! PS-I wanted to post some pictures but haven't figured out how to yet with Tom's phone; it never seems to work. I'll post some once I finally figure it out!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tasker 101

Here is our MUCH needed update, so I figured I would go back to the basics. We finally got the internet back! Tom upgraded his phone to the Droid so we are able to tether on our computer. Yeah! We have been up to alot but I haven't been very good at taking pictures lately. About 2 months ago I started working part-time at Harts in Delta. I usually work only 3 days a week so I can still be home a little and spend time with Sierra. It has been a good job so far! We just finished our 4th of July weekend which was fun. I ended up having to work most of the weekend but we were able to go boating at the res in the evening one day. We also had a bbq at our house with Tim and Brooke and some friends. We always love it when Tim and Brooke come to visit! We recently booked a cruise with Tom's family which we are really excited about! We are going in December for 7 days to the Mexican Riviera. Only 143 days from today! :) Sierra will be 2 this month; we can't believe our sweet little girl is 2 ALREADY! Where does time go? We both love being parents so so much. It has been such a blessing in our lives! Tom is still loving his job at IPSC, and he has been working a ton of overtime lately so we haven't seen him much. We had our Tasker Family Reunion at the end of June which, as always, was a blast. More exciting news.....my sister is engaged! We are so excited for her and are glad to have Zack be a part of our family. The big day is Oct. 16th and they are getting married at Tuscany Gardens in Layton. Me and Ash have been busy getting bridesmaid dresses and planning the wedding. I love to see her so happy! Other than that we are enjoying life in Oak City and moving right along!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In my Head...

It has been SOOO long since I posted! I guess that's what happens when we don't have internet. :( I'm not even sure what to write about! I'll just tell you all the things that are "In my Head" (I really like that song. lol) We are finally settled into our house for a while. I miss our house and ward in Orem ALOT! It has definitely been an adjustment for me but it had been good. I have been getting a little bored so I started to do a few sewing projects to keep me busy. I am working on a rag quilt for our bed and also sayings that I'm stitching and making into pillows. (Hopefully for Mother's day gifts-if I can get them done). I have already made a Minnie blanket for Sierra, a pillow with the Pres. Hinckley's 'BE's", and some curtains for our kitchen windows. I would post pictures but they are all on my laptop. :( Tom is really liking his job! The bad part about it though is he is always studying to pass all his tests. It stresses him out alot but hopefully he can get through them soon. He just bought a little beater truck for $250 to drive to work. It reminds me of the pizza truck on Toy Story but it runs like a champ! He wants to paint is John Deere green with some yellow racing stripes. LOL Men and their toys! It will be good for him though so he doesn't have to drive the big truck everywhere. I have been looking for a job in Delta but haven't had much luck yet. There isn't a whole lot to choose from, but hopefully I can find something soon. We LOVE living in Oak City because we can ride our 4 wheelers anywhere, and the dunes are less than 5 minutes away. Sierra and I love to ride to the post office to get the mail. :) Sierra is growing up fast, she will be 2 in July. She had added alot of new words to her vocabulary lately like don'T-with emphasis on the T-mine, ducky, eeewww, bath, drink, water, and doggies. We filled the sand box at our house with new sand from the dunes and Sierra loves it; she would live in there if she could. Things are going well for us! I have been thinking alot lately about how blessed we really are! Some days I get down on myself but I just have to think about all the blessings I have been given LIKE:
-My Hot Husband :)
-My Sweet Sierra
-Awesome friends
-A House
-A Car
-Good Family
-A Bed (I really LOVE my bed, ask Tom :)
-The Church
-and everything else I have in my life!

I love being a mom SO SO much! It's one of the greatest blessings the Lord could give us women
! I am sure all you Mom's would agree! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Goodbye Orem-Hello Oak City

I wanted to do a quick post but don't have much time. Tonight is our first night in our new house! On Monday the movers came and boxed everything up; on Tuesday they loaded it all in the truck, and unloaded it all today. I'm so glad we are finally finished (except for the unpacking part :( ). I am excited to redecorate again and make our house feel like a home. I will post pictures later when I get it done and I have more time.
We are trying to save money so we (Tom) decided we don't need internet here. :( I was REALLY bummed! I am going to try to talk him into it so we'll see. Once we get settled and figure our finances out with his new job maybe we can fit it in somewhere. Tom's parents and his brother both have internet so I'm going to try to post when I'm there or whenever I can.

I will post more soon of our new house and all the other fun things we have been doing!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Yes, It's true!

For those of you that have been wondering,


Or at least somewhere around there, Oak City, Sutherland, etc. We haven't found a place yet but hopefully soon! We were supposed to be moving to Idaho; we're still moving but now it is to Delta. I'll fill you in on how everything happened:

Tom's company he is currently working for, BCS, asked Tom and I if we would be willing to relocate our family to Pocatello, Idaho for 2 years so that Tom could take care of a job up there. We thought and thought about it and weren't sure if it was something we wanted to do. We would be leaving all of our family, our ward, and our awesome friends here. I felt like it was a good thing because I was ready for a change. Tom didn't agree as much but he said if I felt good about it that we would do it. So on a Friday we met with Tom's boss and told him we would be willing to move, and the date was set for Feb. 1st. That following Tuesday Tom got a phone call from the Power Plant out in Delta asking him to come in for an interview. This is something Tom has been waiting for for over 3 years! In order to work there you have to pass a big test, and the test only comes around every few years. Tom took the test back when we first got married and passed it. Then his name was put on a list of guys that are potential employees so when they need to hire someone they call people from this list. THIS WAS 3 YEARS AGO! So we always kept that option open but after this long we started to wonder it the call would ever come. When Tom got the phone call he was shocked and didn't know what to do since we had just committed to move to Idaho 4 days before. We also didn't know if he would be hired to work for IPP in Springville or Delta either. So at this point everything was up in the air since we could be moving to Idaho, Springville, or Delta. And you know me, I hated not knowing if I needed to pack up my house or leave everything-it was driving me crazy! We prayed about it and talked about it ALOT and decided that if Tom got a job at the Power Plant it would be the best thing for our family to do, and a huge step for the future. Tom interviewed the next Tuesday and was offered the job. :) We were both VERY nervous to talk to his boss at BCS, but we knew that we were making the right choice for our family. At first the news didn't go over well, and it took a day or so for things to cool down. But his boss is a GREAT GUY so he ended up realizing that we were doing what was right for us and he apologized and said if Tom ever needed his job back that it would be there for him. :)

Tom and his family are excited for us to move there. I am excited too but think it is going to be a big adjustment for me! It will be alot more difficult to go shopping! :( But in a way it will be a good thing for me too!

We as a family feel so lucky, grateful, and humbled to have both of these GREAT job opportunities come available in this time of economical hardship in our world. We know the Lord looks our for us and is always there to POUR out his blessings upon us!

So there you have it, we are soon going to be Delta Rabbits!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas & New Years

We had a great Christmas this year! We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my parents in Mona. It was fun to be with my family and watch them open presents on Christmas morning. On Saturday we went to Delta and stayed until Sunday. We took Sierra swimming and she LOVED it! I was very suprised this Christmas when I unwrapped a sewing maching that Tom had gotten for me. I have wanted one forever so it was the perfect gift! I also got a hot chocolate maker from my brother and I have used it pretty much every day since then. :) Sierra loved all their presents so we must have done good. She pushes her vacuum around and thinks she is cleaning. We took a picture of her standing in one of her gift bags-she thought it was so funny that she was inside!

We spent New Years at Tom's sister Jody's house with all of Tom's family. We watched tv, played some games and pool, ate ALOT, and all the grandkids got to break a pinata. We had a really good time! On New Years day we all went sledding in Eureka. It turned out to be perfect weather and no one got hurt! :) The hill was HUGE so I only went down once. After that I stuck to getting pulled behind the 4 wheeler. lol It turned out to be an awesome day and we were glad we got to spend the night with Tim and Brooke.

Tim, Sierra, and Sesly
& Tom and Dustin pulling the kids

My Future Snowboarder! :)
We have such a great family and we have tons of fun with them. We feel so grateful for all the ways the Lord blessed our family in 2009. We are excited for 2010, and all the excitement there is in store for us!